UNFOLD DREAMS is a team of highly skilled Illustrators and designers that caters to the creative needs of businesses and individuals.

Manoj Sinha, the much loved Cartoonist and Caricaturist who entertains us almost daily with the caricatures steeped in the simplicity, innocence and fun.
D Shrinivas Rao, an alumnus from Sir JJ School of art with more than twenty years of experience in graphic designing with different national newspapers.

These two professionals are the main pillars of Unfold Dreams. With skill and experience in digital and manual design, drawing and painting, they are creating artistic gift choices that are unique. From Portraits to Caricatures, Artworks to Image branding and Painting to artistic custom gifts with art solutions.
When we go, WE GO ALL IN ONE and our job is to create brands, beautiful portraits, and mind blowing caricatures… that means we get to do a lot of dreaming. When the Vision, Intuition, Strategy and Creativity come together in just the artistic way, it is what makes the Dream team different.

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